Guest blog: Ed ‘The Engine’

I used to ride my bicycle a lot when I was a child and a teenager. My first bike was a BMX. I vividly remember the excitement and anticipation I felt on the day when it arrived in a kit. My father assembled it at home despite my baby sister screaming in the background for the duration. The BMX served me well until I was given a Diamond Back mountain bike at the age of 14. I used this until it was tragically stolen in 2009. I couldn’t decide what bike I wanted to replace it so I never bought a new one. Instead, I have relied on Boris Bikes to get around since coming back to London in 2013.

I took part in the Wellness Challenge because I thought it would be fun and would improve my fitness but, most importantly, it would raise money for charity. I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October 2015 to raise money for Cancer Research and so the concept of pedalling for Macmillan Cancer Support was appealing. When I started the Wellness Challenge, I never thought I would come anywhere near matching (let alone beating) the other OpenBet cyclists since I do not cycle very often now and my fitness levels dropped over Christmas. But as I started getting into a routine, I realised that winning might be possible, and the idea of scooping the Evans voucher to put towards a new bike kept me motivated. Funnily enough, I think riding Boris Bikes has helped. They are so heavy that it requires a lot of effort just to get them moving! I’m glad to have helped foster a competitive spirit – it all benefits Macmillan.

I would encourage everyone to take part in the final week of the Wellness Challenge. There are lots of slots available and it’s for an amazing cause. I assure you that you will enjoy it and reap the health benefits too. It might make you feel less guilty about having all that chocolate at Easter!

PS: I am flattered that the Marketing Team has given me the same epithet as my favourite Thomas the Tank Engine character!