From one bike challenge to another

James Howard, a Senior Project Manager from the Coral team, started an intense 24 hour cycle challenge in aid of Footsteps Foundation –

You can donate here –

Read James’ full post below:

Challenge #1: To cycle for 24 hours continuously on a spin bike outside on the Plaza of Chiswick Park in London. Plan is to start the ride at 1pm on Thursday 21st April and go right through to the Friday lunchtime, culminating in a full spin class for the final hour. Anyone in the area at the time is welcome to come say hi – I’ll be easy to spot, and there will be a spare bike set up should you feel the urge to pedal a bit yourself.

Challenge #2: To complete Weekend Warrior at Blenheim Triathlon, which involves starting in the first wave on Saturday and running continuous triathlons until the end of the last wave on Sunday. Every time I finish a run I’ll head straight back to the swim to start all over again! On top of this, my wife will be attempting her first ever triathlon that weekend as well, so it’s a full-on family affair!

The Reason: We’re attempting this awesome challenge to raise money for a charity based near Wallingford called the Footsteps Foundation, who help disabled children learn to walk. They performed near-miracles with my own son and I’m desperate for more families to get the same help we did.

The History: Early in 2009 our second son was born with Cortical Dysplasia, a particularly nasty all-encompassing form of cerebral palsy. Given his condition, the doctors gave him almost no chance of ever walking, talking, sitting or even crawling during his lifetime – he was consigned to a silent life laying on the floor!

Our family went through hell for that first year, but then we found Footsteps who have worked relentlessly to help him – and now he sits, shuffles and walks (aided) which is quite unbelievable. And it doesn’t stop there … by learning independence he has also learned to communicate, and his cheeky confidence still grows day by day.

As a huge thank you for all their hard work we’re going to attempt this madcap weekend behemoth, and if you were able to support them with a donation it would be so wonderful.

To find out more please visit our website at – and a huge thank you goes out to everyone who has helped so far.

James, Lucy & Aiden xx