The Vitality British 10K London Run is coming up, the team get training and fundraising.

Two places in the Corporate team went to members of the HR team – one place went to Phill Allen and having applied unsuccessfully for a place in the London Marathon for the last four years he is excited to be joining a race that follows many of the good parts of the marathon route.
Phill’s training and fundraising journey:
“I’m excited to be running for the 2016 official charity – Epilepsy Research UK  – Interested in donating? head to our fundraising page  Epilepsy Research UK fundraising page
My training Journey was a short but eventful one. I joined forces with my HR buddy to train for the run I quickly realised that two busy HR people trying to coordinate training runs is harder than getting an elephant into a mini.
After three failed attempts at arranging to train together, we cleared the schedule to run but London flooded, if only we were training to swim the city. We used our downtime to promote our fundraising page on social media.
We aimed for a 35 minute non-stop treadmill run that day and I pre-loaded with Lucozade sport, and half a bottle of water to avoid dehydration. The start was fantastic, 3.2k (2m) in 19 minutes….who would have thought that downing half a litre or more just before a run would have … Repercussions. After a pit stop I managed to complete my 35 minutes…my training buddy says she did 45 but I dont think I was gone that long.  Note to self – running with a belly full of liquid = not good
Two weeks ’til the race, the sun was shining and we aimed for a 6k run with a brief walk after around 4k to catch our breath. We set off brilliantly, made good time for the first 2k. Running across Kew bridge at a strong pace in the sunshine, cooled by a light breeze alongside the tension of the slow moving traffic that’s typical of the evening rush hour, had an almost poetic beauty to it. We ran through streets that seemed to follow the curves of the river until I realised that we were lost.
My aim was to style it out and pretend that I knew exactly where we were going, so chose to follow a fellow runner who looked like he knew where he was going. And I was right, he did – he was going home. I had to admit my mistake to my now visibly knackered training buddy . We chose to use google maps it, 5k into our 6k run we were faced with the reality of a 3k run back. Fortunately the 7.78k run was easier than either of us had anticipated – though note to self – don’t follow strangers.
One week ’til the race – we received our Charity Vests and numbers – can’t wait to run in them! Last night was our last training run and I left the task of planning the 9.5k route to my training buddy – or the task was taken from me, I forget. At 5:10 she proudly presented me with a list of directions…written on her hand! I asked “aren’t you worried that you wont be able to read it if you get sweaty?”. “Don’t worry about it” she replied, “I’ve also printed the map”.  Armed with her hand notes and printed map we set off…I wish I could say that the run was more eventful, but it was a good training run. We completed 9.7k in just over an hour, right on target. When I turned to give my training buddy the obligatory post run high five I noticed the ink on her face. Note to training buddy – don’t write directions on you hand when participating in long periods of exercise!!
Now to stay hydrated and rested for Sunday, looking forward to a drink at the finish line – good luck team!”