Day two done

Today was a day that had it all.

Mechanical issues …


Freak weather. It was 33 degrees when the pic below of us searching for shade was taken, shortly followed by the predicted thunderstorms.


Logistical challenges. I discovered that we weren’t supposed to take the van out of the country, which was then sorted whilst Ali fixed his bike. We also missed the French ‘official’ lunch time and struggled to get anything to eat on one of the few towns we went through.

And after all this and more, including stunning rolling scenery, but later very busy roads, we arrived at the most amazing hotel. The fact that the van arrived later meant that some people had to resort to lounging …


Special mention today goes for David Rice, who wanted to ride at his own pace and therefore rode the entire 90 miles on his own. Given the weather and the roads and the length of time in the saddle, this was an incredible feat. Well  done David.

Now, for dinner …