Guest blog: Ed ‘The Engine’

I used to ride my bicycle a lot when I was a child and a teenager. My first bike was a BMX. I vividly remember the excitement and anticipation I felt on the day when it arrived in a kit. My father assembled it at home despite my baby sister screaming in the background for the duration. The BMX served me well until I was given a Diamond Back mountain bike at the age of 14. I used this until it was tragically stolen in 2009. I couldn’t decide what bike I wanted to replace it so I never bought a new one. Instead, I have relied on Boris Bikes to get around since coming back to London in 2013.

I took part in the Wellness Challenge because I thought it would be fun and would improve my fitness but, most importantly, it would raise money for charity. I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October 2015 to raise money for Cancer Research and so the concept of pedalling for Macmillan Cancer Support was appealing. When I started the Wellness Challenge, I never thought I would come anywhere near matching (let alone beating) the other OpenBet cyclists since I do not cycle very often now and my fitness levels dropped over Christmas. But as I started getting into a routine, I realised that winning might be possible, and the idea of scooping the Evans voucher to put towards a new bike kept me motivated. Funnily enough, I think riding Boris Bikes has helped. They are so heavy that it requires a lot of effort just to get them moving! I’m glad to have helped foster a competitive spirit – it all benefits Macmillan.

I would encourage everyone to take part in the final week of the Wellness Challenge. There are lots of slots available and it’s for an amazing cause. I assure you that you will enjoy it and reap the health benefits too. It might make you feel less guilty about having all that chocolate at Easter!

PS: I am flattered that the Marketing Team has given me the same epithet as my favourite Thomas the Tank Engine character!


We are ramping up the miles this week

With Cheltenham taking place this week, one of the biggest event in the racing calendar happening, it has been all systems go, go, go! Despite being a super busy week at the OpenBet office, we have still managed to keep our pedalling power going and we have already cycled an amazing 307.5 miles!!

With Jeff ‘Juggernaut’ still to jump back on the bike this week and ramp up the miles even more, Ed ‘The Engine’ has hit a new OpenBet record with 8.9 miles in a 15 minute slot!  Jeff ‘The Juggernaut’, Danny ‘The Dynamo and Cate ‘The Chaser’ Gregory have got a lot of catching up to do!


And the winner for the first week’s Wellness Challenge goes to…

Ed ‘The Engine’ Sanguinetti AND ‘Danny ‘The Dynamo’ Angus!  

Image-1 (3)

This is how it all unfolded on Friday afternoon:

Early afternoon on Friday, it looked like it was in the bag for Ed ‘The Engine’ as he beat Jeff ‘Juggernaut’ Cleminson’s impressive 8.7 miles!  BUT, at the very last hour, Danny ‘The Dynamo’ Angus swooped in with his pedalling power and matched Ed ‘The Engine”s impressive 8.8 miles in his 15 minute slot.


It was all happening on Friday afternoon, as Cate ‘The Chaser’ Gregory was cycle ready and pushed through to an amazing 8.6 miles to earn her place on the leaderboard!

When Jeff ‘Juggernaut’ Cleminson realised his defeat for the first week of our Wellness Challenge, it was too late as he was out of the office at a customer meeting.


IMG_1388  battle


In total last week, we cycled a whopping 209 miles – which would get us to the offices of our customers William Hill and SkyBet in Leeds.

This it how the leaderboard looked for the first week of our Wellness Challenge.






We are now ready for week 2 of the Wellness Challenge as we kick it up a gear to raise even more money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Who will be the winner for the second week of our Wellness Challenge?  Will Ed ‘The Engine’ keep his title for a second week running? Will Danny ‘The Dynamo’ Angus swoop in last minute again? Will Jeff ‘Juggernaut’ reclaim his spot at number one? Or will Cate ‘The Chaser’ win this week’s challenge?

Or we may even have a new contender this week’s top spot on the leaderboard!


And the battle for the cycling champion title continues…

…who knew that hidden in our legal team, there was a super cyclist Ed ‘The Engine’!!  He has been cycling back-to-back two 15 minute sessions every day this week for Macmillan.

He has just cycled an amazing 8.4miles in his last 15 minute session – so close to beating Jeff ‘The Juggernaut’s’ 8.7miles this morning!

Let the battle begin!  Who will win the Cycling Champion title this week?  Sales vs. Legal…

Image-1 (2)