And the battle for the cycling champion title continues…

…who knew that hidden in our legal team, there was a super cyclist Ed ‘The Engine’!!  He has been cycling back-to-back two 15 minute sessions every day this week for Macmillan.

He has just cycled an amazing 8.4miles in his last 15 minute session – so close to beating Jeff ‘The Juggernaut’s’ 8.7miles this morning!

Let the battle begin!  Who will win the Cycling Champion title this week?  Sales vs. Legal…

Image-1 (2)

Guest blog: Octavio ‘s pitch to swap your four wheels for two wheels!

I love having a bicycle. I struggle to understand why I didn’t have it before, it gives me a lot of freedom. I only have a short commute but not having to rely on public transport makes it invaluable.  On top of that, I do a bit of exercise, save some money, avoid polluting the environment and I managed to get a free breakfast!! :)
Get a bike, a good lock and a helmet and you won’t regret it! 

Guest blog: Arron’s scenic cycle journey

I’m normally a fair weather cycle-commuter, as long as its not pouring with rain and above 5 degrees (celsius) I’d much rather cycle in than drive! Although I’d like to think I’d make an exception on Cycle toIMG_20150903_160423651 Work day, the weather played ball and I didn’t have to make any important decisions.

The route is just over 6 miles, a mix of cycle lanes and normal roads with a bit of a hill towards the end to ensure I’m fully awake before I get to the office. Down in Kent the roads aren’t quite as manic, although its still more urban than countryside (there are some trees).

Guest blog post: James ‘Bicycle Mad’ Bruce’s cycle journey into work

I’ve been cycling into work for the past 4 months having got a bike on the cycle to work scheme. I honestly wasn’t sure how I would like it but I’ve really enjoyed it, to the extent that I now hate having to use the tube on a work day. I’m hoping my enthusiasm won’t be dampened too much by the English winter!

IMG_5243I come in from Northfields everyday via Popes Lane and then past Acton Town tube station. My journey is pretty short and calm roads compared to the challenges faced by others although there are the usual array of angry drivers trying to push me off the road! I can’t recommend getting a bike enough.


Guest Blog: Fernando’s cycle route had a (not so) hidden message!

Although I am not much of a cyclist as Gab and Danny, I do cycle to work 3 to 4 times a week on a regular basis. See below my cycle route into work today:

route (1)

My route is not so extensive, as you can see from my GPS cycling app history, but there could be perils along the way. Despite my best efforts to win last year’s Darwin Awards by cycling home with two backpacks, wearing no helmet and breaking my elbow after falling from my bike on a very successful attempt to avoid hitting the car that was in front of me, I did manage to get to work today in one piece while carrying a large bag with clothes for donation (and my backpack).

photo 1 (24)

I do have a helmet now. Safety comes first.

We were lucky to have a good Autumn day in our sunny old London today and some unexpected free sandwiches and hot drinks.

Hopefully more people will join in the joys of cycling with or without bacon.

Guest Blog: Dan Guest’s Cycle to Work today

I regularly cycle to work throughout the year but the added motivation of a free bacon sandwich was something I was looking forward to. I’d even heard rumours about potential second helpings being on offer so planned on getting in a little early to give myself enough time between first and second courses.

photo 3 (13)photo 1 (23)

Unfortunately that plan went out the window when at 7.45 this morning I answered a knock at the door to be confronted by a bailiff barging me out of the way to gain entry to our house. Fortunately he wasn’t looking for me although he did take a fair bit of convincing that I wasn’t the bill-avoiding scally he was looking for. The whole stand-off lasted about 40 minutes which was long enough to mean that the unplanned delay coupled with a scheduled sprint planning meeting prevented me from getting my second sandwich. I feel robbed!

photo 2 (25)


Guest Blog – Danny and Gab cycle to work!

Gab and I work together and both cycled to Paris earlier this year. I cycle to work most days, it takes me about half an hour to pound my way seven miles through west London mixing it with the traffic, he comes from twice as far away to the south, and we don’t usually meet, but today we decided to meet up and celebrate Cycle to Work day by going the scenic route. What I didn’t expect was to have to carry my bike up a flight of stairs, I’m not sure that’s really “cycling” to work Gab..! It was nice route though, most of it was very quiet, and I will go that way again, but my favourite part was the burger van!

We stopped for a couple of selfies to make you jealous …


… near a lovely fountain on our way through Bishops Park near Bishops Palace …IMAG0568IMAG0567







… on the Thames Path …


… and in the lift to prove that we actually got to work!